You know how a turtle has that hard shell and a soft tummy he has to protect from possible predators? Well, apply that analogy to someone in your life right now — they might look hardened and tough on the outside, but really, they’re just protecting themselves the best way they know how. So before you decide to dismiss them as unresponsive or unemotional, give them a second chance. They just might need time.

When the above is your horoscope which you don’t really believe but it rings so damn true.

The story:

Met a guy on Tinder – yes on Tinder.  Deal.

Saw him once -spent about 10 hours talking.

Walked the walk of shame the next day but was generally ok with the experience.

He made coffee in the morning and later on text apologized for not making me breakfast.

“Isn’t that sweet,’ I thought to myself.

While the sex was great and the kiss was an absolute disaster, I thought I could work with it since he was a really nice guy.

After a thank you over text, I told him to text me after work.

“Will do,” he said.

Next day comes and goes.


Couple days later I text.

He says, “so sorry, will text tonight.”

Tonight comes and goes – nothing.

And so it goes all week.

“Call you tonight.  Text you later.”


I sent him a fuck off text saying :We both are old enough to know that no one is too busy to write or call for a whole week.  I got the wrong impression on our date, I just wish you weren’t so cowardly and had simply told me you weren’t that into me.

Three weeks later I get a couple of face time requests – his name flashed on my screen and the first time I didn’t even remember who he was.  When I did, I thought it was a butt call.  It happened again and I thought maybe it wasn’t but face time?  Really?  Wasn’t going to happen.

Next day I get a text from him apologizing for being a jerk and would like to buy me a drink if I was willing.  I replied, “Maybe, but I need you to call me first.”

When he did call me he told me that the day after he saw me he got a call from a girl he had been seeing and got confused as to what he should do.

While this was a touching story that he wants to just date one girl at a time (I throw up a little in my mouth as I type touching), he could’ve easily told me to put things on hold for a bit or infinitely.

He agreed and apologized profusely.

I accepted the apology and told him never to do this again.  He promised and said that he would like to take me on a “proper” date where we got dressed up and went to a nice dinner, etc.

We did go on that date – dinner and a movie,  drinks and naughty back at his place.

It was nice.  The sex was better this time around.

We see each other a few more times and it is always a good time.

The problem – the minute I walk out the door, he seems to forget me.  Now I don’t know what the truth is and I don’t wish to appear pathetic here but all communication in the form of texts and calls ceases until the next time we can meet.

I find this odd and also not a good sign.

Let’s fast forward.

After several days of silence, I called him up – we spoke and he was cheerful enough.  I asked him out for dinner – we picked a day and that was that.

A couple of days later he tells me that he may be going on a date with another woman and what I feel about that.

I said that I didn’t feel that I was in a position to tell him what to do – just that I liked him very much.

No response.

I sent him a cute selfie of myself as a joke saying that I didn’t know what I was competing against but that I thought that I was mighty cute.

You guessed it – nothing.

On the day we had decided to have dinner he tells me that he is not wired to be friends with benefits with the emotions and that we needed to talk.

I don’t know where he got that that’s what we were buy I do know that nothing good comes after the statement, “we have to talk.”

He said he would call me in a bit and I said fine.

Guess what?

Yup – 8 hours later I text him asking if I should expect to hear any time soon.

He replies, “I need time to think.  Let’s talk in a few days.”

Just like that.

Well that made me unleash my wrath and that’s what I did.

He was wrong on so many fucking levels.

Which brings us back to the above horoscope.

Doesn’t it qualify as one of those things that make you go hmmmmmm?


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