When a man shows you two sides – which one do you believe?

I don’t have the answer to that one, but I do have a story.

The same person I mentioned in another post – lets call him balcony because he has a balcony with a beautiful view of New York City.

The first night I spent with him, which is the first night I met him – I know – slut – the next morning he made me coffee in bed.

When I got home he said he was sorry he didn’t make me breakfast.

That first evening we cuddled for hours on the couch like a couple who was comfortable with each other and had known each other for ever.

He made a big mistake, apologized profusely and then made up for it with a lovely date that he called a “real” date that had us dressing up and going out to a nice dinner, etc.

Even when we ordered take out at his place, he would lay the table, dish out food on my plate, be attentive enough to refill my drink the minute I had the last sip from my glass.

All these things are a sign of a “good” guy.  Yes?

But wait.  Wait for it.

No communication or minimal communication between dates.

Promised to send a document via email – didn’t.

Then on a random phone call said, “I was just thinking of you.  That I have to email you that document.”

Did he?


Then I ask him out for a drink.

He reads the message.

He never answers for days.

Yup days.

So which side of this guy should I believe?

Until I date again!



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