You know how a turtle has that hard shell and a soft tummy he has to protect from possible predators? Well, apply that analogy to someone in your life right now — they might look hardened and tough on the outside, but really, they’re just protecting themselves the best way they know how. So before you decide to dismiss them as unresponsive or unemotional, give them a second chance. They just might need time.

When the above is your horoscope which you don’t really believe but it rings so damn true.

The story:

Met a guy on Tinder – yes on Tinder.  Deal.

Saw him once -spent about 10 hours talking.

Walked the walk of shame the next day but was generally ok with the experience.

He made coffee in the morning and later on text apologized for not making me breakfast.

“Isn’t that sweet,’ I thought to myself.


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