Can You Put Down that Phone for a Minute

I try to see the good in people – I really do but people make it really hard.

Last night I went out on a date with a guy who tested most of my normally very patient nerves.

We were at a restaurant that he wanted to go to which had food from his country – so obviously he was familiar with the cuisine.  As soon as we sat down and waiter handed us the menus – instead of opening it up like most normal people – he goes to Yelp on his phone.

I sat there thinking he’ll take a moment and I was previously aware of his fondness for Yelp.

He proceeds to read reviews and then starts reading them aloud to me.

“I already know what I want plus I don’t care much about what other people think I should eat,” I said.

“Says this place is a hole in the wall,” he reads to me.

“Well, it is a hole in the wall,” I said, still holding on to my patience.

“And that the decor is not very nice.”

“It is quite an unattractive place,” I replied, looking around. “But I come here for the food which is very good.”

“I don’t think it is ugly,” he says.

“That’s nice for you then, isn’t it.  So do you know what you want?”

“Wait, let me read a couple more reviews.”

15 minutes have gone by with him just staring at his phone.

“You know those reviews are written by ordinary people, like you and me.  Why is it so important what they think?”

He rattles off some bullshit about the power of the people.

Now it has been 20 minutes, the waiter has come twice to ask us if we are ready to order and this fool is starting to get on my last nerve.  I am three blocks away from home and am wondering why I am even here and not home watching 60 Minutes.

“Five more minutes of this crap and I am going to get up and leave,” I thought to myself.

Now the waiter comes for the third time and I said, “Yes, I am ready to order.”

He looks up from his phone and asks him, “So what is good here?”

Really – asshole? After all that. Now I openly start to roll my eyes.  I have decided that this is not going to go anywhere and so I need not be patient, polite or keep up any social graces that I normally do.

He orders the most basic and classic of the dishes in the place – after all that damn Yelp reading and finally looks at me – ready to have a conversation – or so I thought.

“So what time is your flight tomorrow?” I ask.

“3 PM,” he says and pulls out his phone again.

Really – motherfucker!

“I have a phone too you know and I can eat dinner alone,” I said, now not interested in what he thinks or does next.


“What are you doing on the phone now?” I ask.

“O I’m checking in.  I can’t relax till I’m checked into my flight.”

A flight that is over 20 hours away – a domestic 1 hour flight!

Needless to say, I am never going to see him again. While I too love my phone and use it a lot; I am also able to put it down when I am out meeting someone.  A man who is so socially inept that he cannot look up from his phone and has the need to check Yelp reviews and check into his flight on a date is clearly not the man for me.

I should’ve stayed home and fucking watched 60 Minutes – but then how would I have this story to tell you.

Until i date again!


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