A Note to my Younger Self

This is a short note to my younger self – something that I have thought about often for the past 25 years or so and am proud to say have been able to implement in my life now.

Dear Younger Self,

When you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner – no matter how much you love them – don’t lose yourself in that relationship.  What I mean by that is simple – keep your friends, your interests and your life. Actually, make sure you go out and meet new people, cultivate your interests and thrive as an individual.

Trust me – you will thank me.


Your Older Self.

When I was in college I had same boyfriend throughout the 4 years and even after. I was so smitten that I spent every waking hour with him.  While that sounds nice, I was doing myself a grand disservice without knowing it of course. As a result of that he was practically the only person I hung out with – him and his friends. I lost out on the opportunity on meeting new people and participating in all the fun college activities – which is why one goes to college in my opinion.

What is done is done and so no point regretting that. As a result of that time, I now make sure that I have a full life outside of my relationship.

Nothing is sexier  and more satisfying than me out all day doing what I do, hopefully him doing what he does and then come together at the end of the day full of stories to share with the other.

The simplest things are so obvious. Well, this concept was not obvious to me when I was younger and so I am sharing it here.

Nothing juicy or spicy here – just a a little advice if a young person is reading this, or even an older person who fails to live their own life.

Until I date again!


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