Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk – I actually had to google the definition to make sure it is what I think it is.

This is the best definition I found: Sweet and inviting talk that really has no point, but its so good. Doesn’t have to be sexual nor follow anything sexual, cute talk between those rested on pillows.

I have mentioned several times before about the intimacy of a good conversation.  It can be at the beginning of a relationship – when you are just getting to know each other.  This is the time you learn about each other from the banal to the dreams that you are hoping to fulfil. It can also be once you are with someone for some time and just share sweet nothings – once again, highly sensual and so very intimate.

I want to talk about the first kind where one has a conversation at the start of an impending relationship.

I met someone – a someone I have written a post about.Who it is – I shall let you guess 🙂

So…met someone online who happened to be traveling for two weeks. Instead of merely setting up a date to meet when he was back we ended up talking for several hours each night.  He was on the West Coast which was 3 hours behind me – and so when he got back to his hotel I got a call either from the bar where he would be having a nightcap before heading to his room or once he got to his room. The first couple days covered the basics of where we grew up, what school we went to, siblings, etc. I loved his voice.  It was low, not so deep but the tone was respectful with sporadic bouts of a sexy laugh. We progressed to what we were looking for in a partner, what we liked about each other, and so much more. After week one the anticipation started to build. We talked endlessly about what we wanted to do when he finally got to New York. It was so exiting and we both couldn’t wait for the days to pass.

I remember smiling about something we talked about the night before on my way to work or how he got all my references no matter how esoteric. “I am basically looking for my lobster,” I said to him one day.

“Aren’t we all. Who knows I could be your lobster and Friends was a great show, wasn’t it” he replied with a definite smile in his voice.

I looked forward to his call every night and telling him about my day; hearing how he spent his day.

The day finally came when he got back to New York. He texted me from the plane as soon as he landed. “Can you feel me on your coast?”

“Is that what they are calling it these days,” I smiled. “I sure feel something,” I said giggling like a teenage girl.

We met the next day. I saw him walking towards me with a bag on his shoulder, jeans, a shirt tucked in – coming from a meeting. I looked at him and while it was him – the man who’s pictures I had seen, the man I had face timed with, the man I had talked to every night for two weeks; I was a little taken aback. Fuck, I was really very taken aback. His photos were so much sexier. He was not a traditionally handsome man by any stretch of the imagination but he was good looking enough. What turned me onto him was his voice, our conversations – what he said, how he said it.

I squeezed my fist tightly – something I do when I am anxious or nervous. I squeeze it so tightly that my nails leave an impression on my palm.

At the risk of sounding like a bitch – I wanted to run away. This was not going to happen. The build up was so damn sexy and this … this was the grandest let down ever. He reached me and stood right in front of me and said hi. We walked into the coffee place and I sat down. He gave me a familiar smile. I smiled back.

I will say this – if I hadn’t talked to him for as long as I had, not shared all the good stuff with him, I wouldn’t have stayed.  I wouldn’t have stayed that evening or for the next year.

Moral of the story?

I know I am repeating myself but conversation is sexy. I get attached if you know how to talk, know what to say, have opinions, are attentive, complimentary and if you are funny and smart – well, you could just be a candidate to be my lobster! (In case you don’t understand the reference to the lobster – lobsters mate for life).

Until I date again!




5 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. So, did this turn into a multiple date thing or was the disappointment too much? And is there a lesson about not chatting too much remotely before meeting in person?


    1. You are the second person who said this – I suppose I wasn’t clear in the way I wrote it. I had a steady relationship with him for a year. For me the lesson is to chat as much as possible even though I have heard otherwise

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Means a lot

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess whether you know lots about them or not, there’s no way to know whether you’ll be horrified or pleasantly surprised (or, even better, blown away) when you meet them in person. They important thing is to actually meet them!

        Did you ever tell him of your first impressions?


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