Warning: The following might make you hate me. But that’s okay.  Life is tough and I am a big girl.

I have never done this before but then I have also never been accused of racial profiling before.

I’llbe honest that I am doing this for two reasons – one because I was surprised that I was even accused of something so vile over something so trivial that I said and two – since Karma takes too long I thought I would take things into my own hands.

Here’s the story:

Matched with a guy a couple days ago and after the initial niceties I said one sentence in Hindi. He turns around and calls me a racist.  And then something stupid like, “If I speak Spanish, does that mean that I am Mexican?”

“No asshole, your name is Sanjay (an equivalent to John or Michael) and look at your face will ya.”

I obviously got pissed and called him a few choice names.

Following is 1/100th of what transpired – he is yellow.


The next day,

Wait for it,

Yah, Wait for it,

He answers me in Hindi of all languages and tells me that he is insecure because he is an ABCD (American Born Confused Desi).

What would you have done if this happened to you?

Sent him to therapy?  Offered to shrink him yourself?  I do have a masters in Psychology and so I am kinda qualified.

Instead, the following happened.

Enough said.

Until I date again!


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