Embrace the embrace


This was the first picture I sent him saying, “the view from my window as I drink my morning coffee.”

“Oh how I miss the city,” he wrote back right away.

We communicated via text and long phone calls, along with face time for about a week and then he was to be in New York. The conversation was so easy and we laughed a lot.  He made many crass jokes as did I.  Our humor was compatible.  We got each other. If you can make me laugh, laugh at my joke –  half of your job is done.  In between the jokes, there was flirting – both sweet and sensual.  Our energy was the same and there was a lot of electricity flowing through those whatsapp and face time lines.

On the day we were to meet he was standing outside the building as I walked towards him.  Our eyes met and he walked towards me.  He gave me the longest, most intimate hug that a stranger can give another stranger.  A hug says so much about two people.  The way you fit into each other, the comfort you feel with the touch. He buried his face in my neck and just wouldn’t let go.  It was more like a reunion than a first meeting. It was as though he was breathing me in.  We finally untangled from the glorious hug; he took my hand and we walked into the building.  No words.  There was no need.  My hand sat perfectly in his hand.  We stepped into the elevator and there was a couple with the cutest baby in a stroller.

“How do you keep from eating your baby’s cute feet?” I said to the mother.

She smiled and he laughed heartily still holding on to my hand.  This was the first sound he had made since we had met downstairs. It was the same laugh he had laughed so often in our phone conversations.  We walked down the corridor, he slid the card into the door and opened it.  We walked in, shut the door and …

(I haven’t said this in a while, but you will need to buy the book in order to get the juicy details.  And there are plenty, trust me 🙂 ).

The point of this post is that sometimes the connection between two people can be so strong and so instant – it’s as though you have known each other for ages.  When that happens, it has to be treasured and appreciated. And I do!

Okay, I’ll let you inside the aforementioned door for a few moments.

“Why are you sitting on the chair?”

“Because there is no couch, just a bed.”

“Why, you don’t like beds?”

“I love beds but I’m a lady,” I laughed.

“You sure are,” he pulled me up and gave me another hug.  This time I was the one with my face buried in his neck as he tried to kiss my cheek. I could get used to this.

He poured me a drink and I sat on the bed, as lady like as I could manage on a king size bed with sheets that had been turned down for the night.

“I just love talking to you,” he said and that doesn’t happen often.

“Me too.”

“I could talk to you all night.  I am so conflicted though … because there are so many other things I want to do with you,” he said with that naughty smile I had begun to adore.

“Are you short on time?” I asked.

“No. Why?”

“Because we could do some conflict resolution. We could talk and all the other things you may have in mind.”

“Cheers,” he said as we clinked the plastic cups and he climbed on to the bed.


You really don’t expect me to show you more!

Until I date again!




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