Writer’s Block – Help!

A friend of mine who reads my blog regularly upon my request, told me that I have to up my game when it comes to this blog. Seems like my posts are much of the same.

That statement, while I am sure is true has left me not knowing how to proceed. I have writer’s block, in that I have plenty of stories but don’t know if that is enough.

I could of course keep posting about dates I have had – good, bad and indifferent. Or I could up my game as was suggested. But I don’t know how.

And so I turn to you my dear readers.

What should I write about?

What do you enjoy reading here?

Know that the goal of this blog was to get me writing and documenting my experiences, which I want to eventually compile into a book. Just a book about my dating experiences – not a how-to book – because I certainly don’t know how to do this right. Else I would be off these dating sites and doing things that I wouldn’t blog about.

This is me asking for help, suggestions, links, anything.

I thank you in advance.

Until I date again!



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