Light House Keeping


A little light housekeeping.

A couple of days ago I published the “critique” of an anonymous reader posted on my blog.

It was the second most popular post on my blog which translates to 300 plus hits. That is a lot for me.

I suppose it hit some sort of nerve, or people just like gossip. Either way, I’m okay with that.

I did some reading on the difference between a blog, diary and journal.

Following is the most helpful statement: A blog is another form of diary or journal, but it is one that is digital and on the Internet. These are often referred to as online diaries/journals or personal blogs. They may document your day-to-day experiences or even social commentary. Many people use personal blogs as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as to share with them their thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. You may choose to keep your blog personal or to share it with the world. By sharing it with the public, you can open the blog up to personal comments from those who view and read the blog. This is unique to the blog and many personal opinions are common throughout the world of blogging, some are kind and others may be quite blunt.
My conclusion to all this hoopla – my blog, my decisions. This in no way means I don’t want your criticisms, compliments, etc. It just means – in the end it is my decision what or how I want to post on my blog.

In other news, a post I wrote on writing letters had an interesting turn of events in real life.

I sent the above link to my friend/the person I had written the letter to and gotten no response from. I attached it with a message saying I hope you don’t mind I did this.

“Why would I mind? It is a very well written piece.”

“Because of the letter I sent you that you never replied to.”

“?????? ME! What??????”

“The letter I sent you a few months ago.”

“Letter? What letter?”

You get the picture. Turns out he never got the letter! Jesus!

I resent him the letter, because… don’t ask me why.

This time I did receive a reply in the fashion I expect from him. A clear, well written, polite reply. I shall leave it at that.

It restored my belief in our relationship/friendship, in that he always responds to whatever I say. And the fact that this letter, that consisted of me pouring my heart to him didn’t get a response was painful.

That’s that. This concludes the house keeping part of the program.

Until I date again!







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