Foreplay – it’s a Good Thing!


Got your attention?

Foreplay is extremely important, my friends. I can’t speak for men, or all women but foreplay can take so many forms.

I dated a man I loved more than almost any man I ever have, to whom I said early in our relationship, “I need more foreplay, my sweet.”

Without skipping a beat, he said,”Foreplay? what’s that?” and kissed me as he was finishing is sentence. It took my breath away, we laughed so hard and that was foreplay.

He also sang to me all the time and had the most glorious voice I have ever heard. The song could be over the phone the night before as we would be planning the date or in my ear in a bar – before we went back home.

There are of course the obvious, yet amazing forms of foreplay. Kissing is on top of my list. Hugs – when you fit into each other so effortlessly. Massages are great.

A not so obvious but one of the sexiest foreplay I have ever experienced:

I was dating someone who loved all the jewelry that I would wear. He found it very sexy and I would always leave it on after the clothes came off. Once, I had gone to an Indian wedding and came back with henna on my hands and feet. As he admired it, I told him how I couldn’t get the henna where I really wanted it.

“Where is that?”

I told him. A few days later instead of driving to his place he parked in front of a hotel.

“What’s happening here? Your wife home tonight?” (Yes, I say such things often and it irks them so).

He said nothing and we checked into a room.

“Hmmmm what’s happening here. I haven’t known you long enough for you to want to kill me. Besides, how will you dispose of my body. I am so much person.”

His phone rang and he said,”Send her up into the phone.”

“A threesome! No way,” I smiled.

I was getting on his last nerve.

There was a soft knock on the door. He opened the door and in walked a woman.

I was confused and couldn’t come up with anything funny to say.

“Where would you like me,” she said to him.

“What the fuck is going on here,” I screamed as I watched her open up a bag and pull out plastic cones filled with henna.

“You are the craziest woman I have ever loved, you know,” he said and handed me a bag.

I peered into the bag and there was a t-shirt for me to wear so the woman could put henna on my thigh. That was the place I had told him I had wanted the henna at the wedding and couldn’t.

When I realized all that was happening, I was so touched and fell in love with him all over again. A part of me just wanted the henna lady to leave, so I could thank him for the thought.

But oh, the henna was going to be so much fun.

Without going into too much detail of what happened next (remember, you have to buy the book for the x-rated details) – after the henna lady left was when the real fun began. The sexiest and funny at the same time was my attempt to show him my appreciation for what he had done without messing up the henna 🙂

Humor is damn sexy to me!

Now, this was the most involved foreplay I had ever had – I think.

Of course, one doesn’t have to jump through all the hoops he did (he was known for doing extremely thoughtful things. This is the same guy who flew across the country to meet me at Chicago airport, just to fly back West for our holiday.

It’s the small things that turn us on. Do them often, dear men – the rewards are huge.

Until I date again!







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