The above face says, “What’s going on here?” Or more in my language, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Dear Readers, I am stumped. I need your input. A few days ago I wrote about a guy I have been texting with

Well, he is in Paris and I text with him more than all my friends combined. And just so you know, I text a lot.

The texts started when he was at the airport waiting for his flight. Informed me when he was in the air and when he landed. You get the picture.  That’s a lot more than some of my boyfriends have done.

There is a good morning text and then since he knows of my obsession with food, he tells me which restaurant he is going to, then what he ate. He even ordered the duck as I suggested and then told me how great it was.

The texts flow all day. The other day I came home from work and said, “I am in the kitchen making dinner.”

He kept texting and I sent him a couple of pictures of dinner – one to shut him up and two, because I thought they were pretty.

“This looks like diet food and doesn’t sound too exciting.”


Poached salmon with Bok choy over brown rice

These are the pictures I sent him and while they are healthful dishes, I really don’t think that they are boring.

“Thanks,” I said.


“I said thanks for being an ass!”

“Well, it seems like you are looking for compliments, otherwise I don’t know why you would send me pictures of your dinner,” he says.

“Let’s see. Where do I start. Because that’s what I do. I sometimes send pictures of my dinner to people. More importantly, you weren’t shutting up with the texts while I was cooking, and so I thought – a picture of dinner might jolt you back into reality that she is cooking and so is busy!”

He unleashed the bitch. Yes he did.

“Plus,” I added, “You are rude in assuming that I sent you the pictures for compliments.”

“That’s strange,” he replies. “No one has sent me a picture of their dinner and I was trying to figure out how to respond.”

“Well, this is your lucky day my friend. Someone just sent you a picture of their dinner. And so you are no longer a dinner picture virgin. And you did respond to the picture – you told me it looked dietetic and not very interesting,” I was banging on the letters of my phone like it was an old type writer.

Wait, I wasn’t finished. “Most normal people might say, oh that’s nice or that looks healthy and we would just move on. Lastly, if you don’t get how I feel about food – then you and I can never be!”

This continued for some time with him coming back with shit that he hadn’t experienced this before and so doesn’t know how to react and blah and blah.

He never apologized for being an ass and I was done with this exchange.

“You seem like a smart enough man – there is no need to overthink when someone sends you a picture of their dinner or for that matter, their baby.  You say the first thing that comes to your mind and then be done with it. Your tone however was condescending and I don’t appreciate it.”

Since I wanted him to know that I am done with this subject I said, “It is late for you and I don’t want to discuss this further, have a good night.”

Next day I wake up to, “Good morning. How are you?”

WTF! I have no idea what his deal or his game is. We text everyday and when I am overwhelmed (which I don’t easily get when I am getting attention, but this is not normal), I make an excuse that I am busy with friends or work or some thing and so won’t be texting him.

So, my friends, any ideas?

Enlighten me.

Just to add to the picture, after the first day there has been no flirtation, no suggestion that he is interested in anything other than racking up those texts.

To put this theory to a test – he was telling him about the couch in his Paris apartment and how his friend decided to stay in a hotel because they didn’t want to sleep on the couch.

“But is the couch comfy? I want to know for when I come to Paris,” I begin the test.

“O yes it is!” he replies and then a 10 minute discourse on where he bought it, when and who made it.

Well, buddy you failed the text. I offered him bait about where I shall be sleeping when I come to Paris. I shall be sleeping on the couch!

Okay – I am ready.

What are you thinking about what is happening here my dear readers?  Because I certainly can’t figure this one out.

I will wait to hear from you.

Until I date again!


6 thoughts on “An Update and I really need your input/advice dear readers

    1. While I agree on the first part of the statement, the jury is out on the second. However I am mighty curious of his end game and so am putting up with some things. Nothing like the first couple days of endless texts though

      Thanks for your comment 🙏

      Always appreciated


  1. He is a self obsessed jerk. Stop getting in to abusive conversations. He wants to be in ” control” is the word.


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