Either I am the most patient person, a person who has too much time on her hands or someone who goes the distance for a story.

Depending on the day and who you ask – all three may be true.

Remember the Paris guy? A reminder: https://datinginnewyorkblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/come-to-paris-with-me/

We have been talking – which really means texting for the past 3 weeks or so. He comes back to New York in a week. I now feel that I have invested so much time with him, that I have to see it through till I see him in person.

Even though my patience is wearing extremely thin and on more than one occasion I have wanted to say Fuck it – he is so not worth it. I know at best this will be a friendship and nothing more than that.

On the average day he will text me in the morning and it is clear that he just wants to text because he has nothing better to do at that moment. If I have time, I will text back. The communication hasn’t been fulfilling at all. He mostly wants to talk about what he wants to talk about and can go off on tirades with the smallest or almost no encouragement from me.

I feel like he thinks he is a professor and is talking down to me.

This morning wasn’t good at all (but hey, I got a post out of it – so it wasn’t all bad).

He is taking baking classes in Paris and told me he made croissants in class. I asked if they made puff pastry from scratch. He took this to be the opportunity to tell me that puff pastry isn’t even a thing. And it’s a manufactured thing.  What one makes croissants with is dough with butter.



I only went to a French cooking school myself and now actually train others to becomes chefs. But what would I know.

“I don’t care I said. And I am cranky today,” I texted back.

At first he took the right approach and told me that we should talk when I feel better.

But no, we can’t stop there – can we.  That would just be too simple.

He is in white and I am green.

There are some texts I am not even bothering to include in here.

You may think I am crazy and you wouldn’t be wrong for even dealing with this man at all!

I am gong to hold on for the next week. When he comes to New York, I shall meet him and report back.

Unless of course he reads my blog and is conducting an experiment of his own 🙂 then we are surely out of luck.

Until I date again!


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