An alternate way of using dating apps

An alternate use of dating apps such as tinder and bumble, I have realized is making friends. Where else can you swipe right on a photo, the other person does the same and voila you have a friend. Conceivably. Not always. But often. I like that. It’s hard to meet people as an adult and when you meet someone randomly and become friends – well that’s a boon. 

This happened to me recently. I even wrote about him in a previous post. 
After deciding that we could remain friends even though we weren’t a romantic match, lit really happened. We have since been out half a dozen times, text everyday and talk nearly every day too. 

This is so much better than having a half assed one night stand which are inevitably unsatisfactory to me. A friendship can potentially last for a long time if not forever. 

This paradigm shift in my head is exciting and empowering. Using dating apps to make new friends. 

What do you think? Like the idea? Had a similar experience?
Until I date again!


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