You Didn’t Just Say That!



“I was at a party the other night and a girl hit on me but I told her I was married.”

“Why? You are not married.”

“I don’t know I got so nervous and that’s all that came to mind.”

“I see.”

“Besides I don’t want to date anyone till you and I meet because I feel that we will along famously.”

“That’s sweet,” I texted back with a tiny pang of guilt that I had no such rule for myself. But who am I kidding – not really.

“We should meet soon then,” I added.

“Yes, sweetie – let’s shoot for this weekend.”

Later that night we spoke on the phone and I asked him once again why he didn’t accept the advances of the very pretty girl at the party.

“Well, she appeared very high maintenance by the way she was dressed. She was really beautiful. Since high school I have stayed away from the most beautiful girl.”

I said nothing.

“I would rather go out with an average looking girl.”

I want a medal, dear reader – I said nothing!

By this I don’t mean that on my most delusional, unicorn riding day, do I think that I am the most, or even close to the most beautiful girl in any room – but as he was speaking I was thinking if I would say the following:

I picked you because you are just average, not so handsome at all… but you’ll do.

This man has many good qualities and so I can overlook this tiny faux pas – but I was just compelled to share that sometimes we all speak without thinking – I know I do.

Until I date again!



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