A Little Girl and her Father


This may appear to be a strange post for a dating site but if you read it through, you may understand why I chose to share it here.

This is a letter I wrote in a writing in writing class – it is mostly raw and unedited. I like it this way:

Letter to a Parent


You left too soon.

We moved to a new town, hadn’t even unpacked and you got so sick. We had to move back to the city with the good hospital and you kept getting sicker.


I want to confess that all those Get Well Soon cards I made for you –  I was forced to make them.

I didn’t want to make them.

I didn’t want to come see you in the hospital getting sicker and sicker.

I believe you didn’t want to see me either towards the end.

Maybe you saw the horror in my eyes when I saw all those tubes attached to your frail body. Or the sadness I felt that you were no longer the handsome man who was my father.


I still think you were the most handsome man ever.


Do you know that every man I choose to date, I compare to you?


Do you know that I studied Psychology and actually that behavior is not so unusual?


Do you know that recently I have started researching articles on how the death of a father impacts little girls?


I do that mostly because I have been unsuccessful in finding a man that you would approve of.

Maybe one – but that was ages ago.


Speaking of approval – I wonder what you would think of the woman that I have become.

I also wonder what I would think of you.

Would we get along?

Would we be friends?

Would we be close?


I am not the shy 9 year old girl that I was when you died, you know.


I am now 47, opinionated and extremely loud!

I think we would get along.

I hear you enjoyed people and loved being the center of of attention.

I miss you!


Until I date again!


On Resilience

Warning: this post started as something and turned into something else.

I am okay with that – however you may thing I have come unhinged.

I am okay with that too.


I remember when I was betrayed so terribly that I thought I could never put the pieces of my broken heart together again…

But thank the imaginary Gods for our resilient nature. With time, we can be whole again.

Resilience is defined as


the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.
Yah that’s right!
I am often in awe of the resilient nature of humans. We can break, literally or figuratively and somehow put ourselves back together.
If you are lucky you will have family and friends by you every step of the way. Friends to ply you with alcohol and listen to all your stories – as many times as it takes.
Girl friends to “hate” the asshole together.
Guy friends can do sweet things for you. Okay, they can say sweet things to you. I am lucky enough to have friends who do the latter.
Family, to make copious amounts of food – at least that is how it is in my family. We eat through our feelings 🙂
Other things to do as you gather the broken pieces of your heart and figure out how to glue them back together are:


Writing. Write all the feelings down. They won’t make sense. Just write ’em down. Trust me. It really helps.

And don’t forget to look after yourself – facials, mani/pedis, heck get some botox – if that’s your thing. Pamper away.  It’ll do you a world of good.


So what am I really saying?

I am saying that we will all encounter heartache, heart break and other unpleasant things.

But know that humans are designed to be resilient. Know that you will be okay in the end.

Until I date again!


He made me feel Special – till he didn’t


He reads all your writing. He critiques the writing, compliments the writing, even tells you when you need to up your game.

He does all that till he doesn’t.

Hurtful? Yes. Because what sustained your ‘love’ for him was that he always took interest. He never seemed too busy for you. You felt looked after.

Once again, he did all that till he didn’t.

And now I will be the one pulling away – though he will not even notice.

Such is life.

I thank him for inspiring me to write more. I thank him for making me feel special – till of course he didn’t.

Until I date again!



I Would Like a Do Over


Ever wish you could go back in time and redo things?

I know I do.

Is that called regret?


“I see my ex wife’s face when I make love to you,” he said.

So we stopped having sex in the bedroom that he had shared with his ex wife.

How I wish that I had just ended things that day and walked out.

It would have saved days, weeks and months of heart ache.

But life doesn’t work that way – does it?

No it doesn’t.

Until I date again!





A Story of Betrayal – Part 2


In case you missed Part 1:  https://datinginnewyorkblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/a-story-of-betrayal-part-1/

Once I was in the hospital having a miserable time, and he would call me when I could barely speak because I was so weak. He would sing my favorite songs to me. I loved his voice. He had the best voice – I can’t deny that even in my state of hatred. He would tell me stories to make me laugh and then tell me about all the things he had planned for us when I came out of the hospital.

He made the time I spent in the hospital go by faster, me falling asleep with the phone to my ear and a smile on my face. One night I was really uncomfortable and the nurse actually used my phone to call him and asked him to sing to me.

Such moments made me believe that he loved me.

But today …

I will never forgive him.

I will never wish him the best.

In fact I wish him nothing but misery and warts on his dick.

I know this doesn’t make me a sympathetic character. But you should consider me a reliable protagonist because I speak the truth.

I know that all this hate and venom does nothing to him.

He is not even aware.

He thinks he made a mistake – apologized – in a manner that was not fitting of the crime. Actually, the apology was pathetic and insulting.

Now all is good with the world.

But it’s not.

All is probably right with HIS world. But it certainly not right in MY world.

I have never been betrayed in this manner before and so I have no idea how to deal with it.

I have read many many articles and books on the topic of betrayal.

Intellectually I know that letting go is the only way to heal.

I will say again that I have ‘let go’ and I have ‘moved on.’

Clearly not, is what you are thinking as you read this.

I don’t blame you. I would think the exact same thing. But I truly have.

What I haven’t done is succeeded in getting him to vacate my head and my heart. He can pop into my head out of nowhere – how long I let him stay there is up to me.

I could be listening to a certain song – something I had to stop doing for several months, and I  think of him. I had to give up entire genres of music because of him.

I could be walking down the street and see someone with his hair or I see the face of the watch that he gave me when I open my jewelry box to pick a pair of earrings to wear.

Last year on my birthday when we had not been together for about 4 months, I spent the day with my friends. I had a nice time with them and was staying over at a girl friend’s place. We were both on the couch, watching TV when my phone lit up and made a sound. It was a text from him, “I hope you had the most glorious day and wish you all the best.” He then called me a name he always did when we were together and I started balling. My friend looked up in shock to see what was up.

I threw the phone at the other end of the couch and couldn’t stop crying.

She got up from her couch and sat next to me, putting her arms around my shoulders.

“Bastard. Motherfucker. Calling me his love.

She looked at my phone and realized what I was talking about.

“Don’t let him ruin your day. Didn’t we have such a nice day?”

I could barely hear her question.

Yes, we had had a lovely day. She had gone out of her way to make it fun for me. The celebration wasn’t over and tomorrow she had booked us for a day at the spa where we would get massages and mani/pedis.

“Yes, we did and I thank you but he is the lowest, shittiest scum of the earth.”

“We know he is but please don’t cry,” she stood up to go get me water.

I was so angry at myself for even having this reaction. I had been doing so well. I had been on a few dates since the break up. I even had sex a few times and it was good. And now I get a lousy message two minutes before my birthday ends and I lose my mind. What the fuck is that.

My friend handed me the glass of water and I tried to breathe. I glanced at my phone and saw the three dots that you see when someone is writing you a message.

Really? He had more to say to me.

Fuck him, I thought and turned the phone face side down.

“You should really block him.”

“I know and I will.”

I sipped the cold water to get rid of the acrid taste in my mouth and thought about last year at this time when we were sipping way too many beers on the eve of my birthday. I could never keep up with how much he would drink but that day I was happy. I was in a celebratory mood. I was getting text messages from my relatives in India because it was already my birthday there. I would look at my phone, read the messages and smile. He would walk back with another pitcher of beer and I would read him the message.

“That’s sweet,” he said about the message my niece just sent me. He poured the beer into my glass.

“Cheers,’ he gazed into my eyes.

“Cheers,” I smiled back.

“I love you – you know that. You are the most precious thing to me.”

I believed him at that moment. Why else would someone say such things to another unless they meant it.

Naive much? You might say.

But I never told anyone I didn’t love that I loved them.

We finished the last of our beers and he pulled me up from the bench we had been sitting for hours and kissed me like never before.

“Come home but we are not going to have sex tonight.”

“What,” I screamed. I must’ve screamed. What the fuck. It’s my birthday. Why weren’t we going to have sex tonight. What does that even mean. So ridiculous.

“Let’s go,” he said walking me to the exit. His place was right behind the beer garden. As we walked that half a block, sharing a cigarette, I said, “What do you mean we are not going to have sex?”

He took a long drag from the cigarette, “because we are just going to cuddle,” and he burst out laughing.

We stood in the middle of the street and he hugged me tightly, still laughing.

“You are such a bastard. It is your duty to have sex with your girlfriend on her birthday – or any day as a matter of fact.”

“Don’t we have sex all the time?”

“We do and are you complaining?”


“No but nothing, let’s go.  I can feel things are astir in your pants already,” I said giggling and running to the entrance of the apartment building.

He opened the front gate and we walked down the few steps to his apartment.

“You only want me for my body, don’t you,” he said as he struggled to pull out the keys from his jeans.

“Yes, of course. I couldn’t possibly want you for your trust fund which you don’t have,” I said pushing into him as he unsuccessfully tried to stick the key into the keyhole.

“So much trouble finding the holes,”

“I’ll show you how good I am at finding holes,” he said as he pushed open the door.

He flicked the light on and there on the kitchen counter was a vase full of deep purple, almost black calla lilies, my favorite flowers.

“Since you hate roses, my sweetest love. Happy Birthday. I wish you the stars and the moon and whatever your beautiful heart desires this year,” he said as he kissed me.

“Awwwww you listen.”

“Of course I listen. You never stop talking. I have to do something.”

“That’s so not fucking true. You talk way more than me.”

“How about … now that you are an old lady, you talk less, listen more and ….”

“Listen mister, I am your elder and you will respect me.”

“Oh yes – I will respect you. Now come with me.”


“Please don’t let that asshole make you not sleep tonight – do you want another scotch?”

I was jolted back from that moment when we were about to make love in his bedroom where the bed was made for once, and I could tell the sheets had been changed in my honor.

“Yes, I will take another scotch and let’s go out to the balcony and have a smoke.”

And so this is how it happens. I will be living my life and something, a smell, a sound or some words will take me back to the moments with him when we were happy. The moments when I believed he loved me, that I was the most precious thing in his life.


It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved before – cliches are just that. Cliches. But they come into being because they are true and have been said enough times to turn them into cliches. I am not at the stage right now where I find one redeeming thing about the relationship I have described.

I know I haven’t told you what happened, what he did. Maybe you kind of already know. I can assure you this. You know some of it but you don’t know it all. You can’t.

But I am not ready to reveal it yet.

Not because it is a great secret. Just because I am not strong enough yet.

Until I date again!

A Story of Betrayal – Part 1


Hatred is such an awful emotion. It is a burden to walk around with it. It has a dreadful taste that washes over my teeth, front and back, not forgiving a single crevice. The metallic aftertaste is forever on my tongue.

What does one do when one feels this way?

It certainly doesn’t effect the person you have hatred towards. They are just going about their life as though nothing has happened.

Does he ever think about me?

If so – what does he think?

It’s probably a passing thought when he hears a phrase I might have uttered, or walks by a place that we once went to together.

Nothing major.

Two seconds. Three, tops.

And me. The one with the hatred – even though I don’t allow myself to dwell – the thoughts come. Sometimes like a tsunami, sometimes a couple of drops that burn a hole in my stomach, at other times a thin stream that just trickles down the back of my throat.

So what do I do?

I have moved on. I really have.

I am able to feel happiness. I am able to see friends, even go on dates. I have had sex after him and enjoyed it. I can go hours, even days (okay not days) without thinking of him. But the thoughts still come.

So what do I do? How do I turn this around? Make it go away?

I keep asking myself this question, sometimes a hundred times a day.

So far the only way that I have come up with is to tell the story. Write down everything that transpired between us from A to Z.

But what if it doesn’t help? That is my fear.

I suppose I will never know it till I do it.

A fantastical fantasy:

I write the book.

He reads it and admires how well it is written.

Hollywood calls and asks to buy the rights to the story.

A blockbuster, yet meaningful movie is made.

I have to give an acceptance speech at the Oscar’s for the best screenplay, and I am beautiful and grateful, give a gracious speech but mention him where only he knows I am talking of him.

His beer flies out of his nose and he feels the disgusting metallic acid coating his tongue and then his entire mouth. That taste never leaves his mouth. It seeps into his soul. He can never sleep a peaceful sleep again.


While I wait for that to happen, I need to write my story.

But every time I sit down to write it, I am afraid of falling into the abyss that is the memory of him and I.

Were there any happy moments with him?

Sure. Of course there were.

Start with those, I tell myself as my finger hovers over the keyboard or as I click my pen open and close.

But I can’t.

Because each and every happy moment is tainted by what he did.

Now I don’t believe a word he said. I don’t believe in the simplest of gestures he made. When he would move a strand of hair from my cheek and tell me that I have the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

I don’t believe in the tenderness when we would be sitting at the two ends of the couch and he would extend his arm and ask me to come closer. He would pull me to him and I would rest my head on his chest. As he played me music or sang to me, I would look at my reflection on his computer screen, then the reflection of the two of us on the dark TV screen in front of us.

If you were to peek into the window, you would see two people who were the only two people in the world at that moment. Two people who loved each other – well, at least one person who loved the other – but you would never know the truth. I don’t know the truth and I was there.

But he has polluted the memories of those feelings of pure bliss that I felt by what he did and what he said. The hours and hours we were entangled in each other’s arms listening to music or talking. Music was our language. He played me happy songs, romantic songs, silly songs – every song that there ever was.

At times his fingers would caress my chin, down the side of my neck and he would hold my waist tightly, pulling me towards him. That would sometimes turn into kisses, gentle ones and then intense ones. I could tell by the way his body moved that he was turned on. I know I certainly was.

I would often tease him that his ‘tells’ were so easy when he was turned on.

“I am always turned on when I am around you,” he would say taking my hand and walking me to the bedroom or we would just stay there, him gazing into my eyes before his body was on top of mine.

He always gazed deep into my eyes while we made love or just sitting and sipping a glass of wine.

Now, after he has betrayed me in the manner that he has, I wonder what that gaze was about.

“She is such a fool. She thinks I care. She doesn’t know that she is just a convenient fuck.”

I know he didn’t think that I was just a convenient fuck but I sure was convenient.

I was always there.

Always there to share a drink. To share a laugh.

Always there to talk him off the ledge, which I did more times that I care to count.

Always there with kind words. Loving words. Sexy words. Encouraging words. Sensible words.

To be continued…

Until I date again!

Dear Men, Learn to Ask a Girl Out Correctly or Fuck Off!


“Take the train and come to Long Island,” he texts.

It’s 8:30 PM on a Saturday night.  I am in my pajamas with an egg roll in one hand the clicker in the other, having a full fledged Chinese food and Netflix binge.

The person who sent the above text – I have never met. We have had several phone conversations in the past couple weeks and that’s it.

I have made it clear in the past that I would love to meet, and that the next time he is in the city – he should call me and we can meet for a drink.


That text doesn’t even warrant a response at that time. And so I continued chomping on the greasy egg roll and then on to the chow fun.

The next morning I send him a text simply stating, “let’s have a drink the next time you are in my neck of the woods.”

Between the Netflix episodes when you have 17, 16, 15 seconds till the next episode begins, I couldn’t help think about the mind set of a guy who sends a girl he has never met the above text.

At best it is a an innocent impulsive text.

But since I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know that it is unlikely that this was an innocent text.

First of all it is highly presumptive to expect to meet someone on a Saturday night with zero notice. And, if I had fallen on my head reaching for the chopsticks and knocked all the sense out of my head and I did decide to meet him – it would mean that I would be dressed earliest by 9 PM.  Then I would drag my ass to Penn Station, look for the right train to Long Island and arrive to meet a total stranger at 11 PM!

Yah. That’s gonna happen when hell freezes over and all the devils go ice skating!

I wondered how many other girls he had sent the same text to and how many, if any couldn’t resist the most irresistible offer.

The final nail in the coffin of this clueless guy came last Sunday, a couple weeks after the Saturday invite.

“What are you doing? I miss you. But am so busy 😦 ”

“I am upstate with my friends.”

“Are we ever gonna meet? You are always so busy.”


“Lol,” is his lame reply.

“Your best offer thus far has been asking me to take a train in the middle of the night.  Very gentlemanly.”

“Okay, keep next Sunday for us.”

“Laters,” I text back. What I am really saying is, ‘I won’t hold my breath.’

I am writing this on Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow is our date which he will be going on alone or with another girl who is not me.

I have created a very simple set of rules for myself:

If you are not grown up enough to ask a girl out in a proper manner, it’s not gonna happen.

If you are too busy to get in touch especially to do the above, then I am not the girl for you.

Until I date again!