How Can it Be?

How can the same man who’s embrace could soothe your soul

Be the same man who crushes said soul?

How can you be angry, sometimes numb… but still can’t stop the tears running down your cheeks?

How can you hate him so …

Yet yearn for the comfort that he was once able to be?

How can the man who said, ‘I could live in your hug’ be the same man that can leave scars that will never disappear?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

I just know that this is often my truth.

Some days more so than others.


2 thoughts on “How Can it Be?

  1. Oh dear. I’m sorry.

    Sometimes it’s because they haven’t figure things out for themselves and on’t realize they are doing the hurting.

    Sometimes it’s because they changed and you changed. Yet each held on to the pre-change version of the other.

    Sometimes we provoke a harsh retaliation.

    The worst pain comes from the relationships we knew we could have done better in while we blamed our partners for not doing their best.

    It hurts. It aches.

    Can you reach out and ask him to explain himself? Can you humble yourself? Will your pride get in the way?


    1. No because that ship has sailed. He has done something unthinkable and there is no coming back. It’s too raw for me to write about it. But I will eventually


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